The Work Process

When you hire a Brandthink consultant, you are hiring a fractional manager that comes to you with over 20 years of strategic marketing agency experience in various industries, including Telecom, Cloud, Cyber Security, Airline, and Hospitality, at a fraction of the cost. Our work process is designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution that addresses your unique marketing challenges. Here's a quick walkthrough of our work process:

Free consultation

We understand that each business is unique, and will have its own set of marketing challenges. That's why we start with a free consultation, to understand your specific challenges and how we can help you overcome them. This is an opportunity for us to get to know your business, understand your goals, and provide you with a detailed consultancy services proposal that will clarify our approach to your strategic marketing challenge.


After the initial consultation and proposed services agreement, we will hold multiple meetings with you and your stakeholders to dig deeper into your challenges. This may involve various sessions, to ensure we gather all the information we need to develop a comprehensive strategy.

Planning & Implementation

With all the key data collected, our experts will develop a strategic plan that addresses your corporate, business or functional requirements. This may involve various activities, such as marketing research, competitive analysis, segmentation, and more. This stage may include various activities. Please read more about it in our activities section.


Once the plan is complete and signed off, our team will assist in the execution of the plan by working closely with your in-house marketing team or coordinating with external agencies to ensure that the planned strategic marketing activities are carried out. We are also able to introduce qualified agencies to help with the execution of the plan if needed, providing support in all aspects of marketing.

Monitoring & Control

We understand that no plan is set in stone, that's why we remain in close contact with you to monitor and control the progress of your assigned strategic plan. Together with your teams, we will work to enhance and improve any unforeseen challenges, ensuring that we reach the set objectives.


Throughout the entire process, we remain at your service with on-hand support to help you and your teams. We offer SLA-based service levels to ensure our prompt response to your marketing activities and inquiries. With this level of support, you can be confident that you have a partner to help you through every step of your marketing journey.

Get a free consultation

Get a free no-obligation consultation to understand how we can help your business get the best from your marketing.

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